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Nothing herein is financial advice. Past performance is in no way indicative of future returns. Any listed holdings are not guaranteed to be up to date or accurate. All holdings are delayed. Please do not think mirroring any of my holdings listed here will give you any sort of acceptable returns or generate alpha.

Positions last updated: 12/6/2020

About my portfolio

I'm interested in investing across asset classes. I'm diversified across equities, fixed income, commodities, and cryptocurrency. I run active strategies in the above.

I also track early stage technology companies in my free-time. I am not invested in any private companies; all research is purely for my own entertainment and growth. It's incredibly fun to watch top-notch founders fight against all odds to build something new, especially the underdogs. Here's to the dreamers, the bootstrappers, and the nonconformists.

In public equities I allocate based on a continued personal growth in portfolio theory, quant finance, and algorithmic trading.

In cryptocurrency I invest based on technical activities in open source and friends + connections in the space.

My picks in early stage tech companies are from products I've early adopted, companies I've worked with, and entrepreneurs I have lots of faith in.

In the portfolios listed I tend to shy away from leverage and short positions and hold a limited amount of cash. For this reason allocation will almost always approach 100%. When I'm done building the tracker for my algorithmic trading system(s) you'll see a lot more +/- 100% allocation.

Equities, Fixed Income, and Commodities

These asset classes should make up the bulk of my personal holdings, though often they do not. I diversify across a variety of strategies, some derived from pooling strategies with others. Some are quant, others less so.

You'll see small positions in individual equities on occasion for a variety of reasons. I may think an equity is mispriced, is a nice place to park cash over SCHO, or I have a thesis or unique insight I've perceived as an edge.


I joined the Ethereum ecosystem in 2016 and started investing in 2017. Around 2017/2018 I started writing code in the Ethereum ecosystem and bounced around various projects. I've since written limited code but stayed invested. Crypto remains a major source of inspiration for me. It feels similar to the early days of the internet. Dial up was my lullaby as a child so I tend to glamorize my youth as a product of the internet. Cryptocurrency has reignited some of the childlike feeling I had growing up on the internet.

I'm excited to see more use-cases arise as DeFi has emerged. Though even there the majority of use-cases remain rooted in pure speculation. Maturation of an ecosystem doesn't happen over night. Though the maturation of cryptocurrency certainly feels accelerated. Tons of great projects around infrastructure. Projects like IPFS, The Graph, and others are some of the most interesting projects. I'm personally more interested in these projects than scaling efforts, though scaling efforts are obviously essential to our space.

‚ÄćEarly Stage Technology

I do not actively invest in early stage tech companies or early stage risk capital, but I do actively follow early stage companies I am particularly fond of. The level of work required to establish high quality deal flow is immense and requires a deep network. For this reason, folks with established networks and a history in exiting companies or working in VC are advantaged.

Returns are generally very good for the top tier firms. For the other 80 or 90%, returns are relatively poor or average for early stage risk capital. I haven't done sufficient research to determine if investing in run of the mill VC firms or syndicates helps build a better portfolio. Certainly if you're able to invest in the Sequoia Capitals or Accels of the world then have at it (though like top tier HFs, the minimums are generally very high).

Here is my criteria for early stage companies I track.

Technologies: AI/ML, Data Science, IoT, Cybersecurity, Collaboration, Cryptocurrency/Distributed Systems

Industries: Agnostic

Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A 

Find more writing about all these investing topics here. And I share code here on GitHub.

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Tables with holdings updated weekly. Words last updated: 8/15/2018