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Nothing herein is financial advice. Past performance is in no way indicative of future returns. Any listed holdings are not guaranteed to be up to date or accurate. All holdings are delayed. Please do not think mirroring any of my holdings listed here will give you any sort of acceptable returns or generate alpha.

Positions last updated: 2/17/2021

About my portfolio

I like tracking early stage technology companies in my free-time. I am not invested in any private companies; all research is purely for my own entertainment and growth. It's incredibly fun to watch top-notch founders fight against all odds to build something new, especially the underdogs. It's also an opportunity to keep a pulse on what's next.

Here's to the dreamers, the bootstrappers, and the nonconformists.

Early Stage Technology

I do not actively invest in early stage tech companies or early stage risk capital, but I do actively follow early stage companies I am particularly fond of. The level of work required to establish high quality deal flow is immense and requires a deep network. For this reason, folks with established networks and a history in exiting companies or working in VC are advantaged.

Returns are generally very good for the top tier firms. The middle of the pack and angels have historically underperformed the broader market - Angel investing and boutique firms are largely a mechanism for fund of fund diversification and clout chasing. Certainly if you're able to invest in the Sequoia Capitals or Accels of the world then have at it (though like top tier HFs, the minimums are generally very high).

Here is my criteria for tracking.

Technologies: AI/ML, Data Science, IoT, Cybersecurity, Collaboration, Passion Economy

Industries: Agnostic

Stages: Pre-Seed through Series B

Find more writing about all these investing topics here. And I share code here on GitHub.

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Tables with holdings updated weekly. Words last updated: 2/17/2021