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Nothing herein is financial advice. Past performance is in no way indicative of future returns. Any listed holdings are not guaranteed to be up to date or accurate. All holdings are delayed. Please do not think mirroring any of my holdings listed here will give you any sort of positive returns or generate alpha.

Positions last updated: 4/19/2021 (Inception: 5/4/2017)

About my portfolio

I trade a variety of strategies, though the core of what I do is based on fundamental research. I ape into small positions in a lot of early stage crypto experiments after brief research. From there, I do deeper dives as a community member, researcher, and builder. I double down if/once I understand and believe in a project.

Currently performing weekly DeFi Research with Glassnode and prop trading with the crew at Varro Capital. I took crypto full-time around DeFi Summer in 2020.


I joined the Ethereum ecosystem in 2016 and started investing in 2017. Around 2017/2018 I started writing code in the Ethereum ecosystem and bounced around various projects. I've since written limited code but stayed heavily invested. Crypto has reignited some of my childhood optimism for tech. Web 2.0 killed that spirt; web 3.0 has reignited it.

Maturation of an ecosystem doesn't happen over night. Though the maturation of cryptocurrency certainly feels accelerated. DeFi tokens and farming are the majority of my portfolio, with infrastructure coming in second. I'm an ETH guy but am always happy to experiment in other ecosystems.

Tables with holdings updated about once a month. Words last updated: 2/17/2021